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Cemetery Maintenance

Worrell Contracting provides ground maintenance services. Our services range from basic landscaping such as mowing and pruning/trimming to irrigation maintenance, sunken grave repair, headstone setting/aligning, and headstone cleaning. Worrell Contracting’s dedication to quality has earned us a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Worrell’s vision is to be a premier organization offering landscaping, cemetery maintenance, and general site maintenance that embodies the following values: Professionalism, Honesty, and Fair project outcomes for all involved.

Headstone, Marker Setting and Realignment

Worrell Contracting has completed 13+ headstone realignment project with the National Cemetery Administration.  Worrell Contracting staff has realigned over 100,000 upright headstones and flat markers.  We install and maintain headstones with full respect for the veteran and their family. We polish and clean headstones using professional supplies and techniques to prevent damage to the headstone/marker.

Setting New or Replacement Upright Headstones

Raise & Realign Upright Headstones

Raise & Realign Flat Markers

Headstone & Marker Cleaning

Trimming Upright Headstones

Edging Flat Markers

Sunken Grave Repair

Helical Anchor Installation

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